Laser Technik offers services for design and production of laser-cut items.
We have the design skills and software to turn your concept into a prototype and then produce it. We can then go on to help your marketing efforts by developing a website and helping with, for example, selling on eBay.

We can cut: We can surface engrave/etch/mark but not cut: At present we cannot cut metal.
Some examples and prototypes
Our Facebook page has more product images

Laser Scapes designs, manufactures and sells laser cut war games terrain.

Laser technik Internet division

We can build small web sites but primarily offer internet web and email support and maintenance services. That includes domain name management, small programming tasks, advice/consultancy, technical assistance with existing web sites (including help with DIY internet projects). We ran a web site development agency for 20 years and have scaled down but still offer access to that resource of skills and expertise.

Laser Technik Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 09117428. Tel: 0114 299 8285 [permanent answerphone, will alert us by SMS]