Domain Names for Sale

You reached this page by entering a domain name which is for sale. In most cases the domains are sold with no associated web-site. Offers are invited but unrealistic bids and "how much do you want" requests will not be acknowledged.

Names are for sale not rent. You get full ownership and control.
No up-sells or re-bills or nasty surprises, you pay only what we agree.
We can provide ancilliary services on request (hosting, web site, email routing).
The details of the sale and your personal information remain confidential (except whatever ID you provide to the name registrar).
You can easily redirect traffic from your chosen domain to an existing website. (Or we can do that for you).
Our technical team can assist with any transfer/redirect issues you may have.

These names are owned by myself or a client.
Most are offered as bare names with no associated web site or traffic history.
No prices are provided. Likely valuations of the individual properties range from a few hundred pounds to tens of thousands based on their scarcity and relevance.

Domain names are a diminishing resource. Single word domains are uniquely scarce and valuable. Existing names have been sold for as much as USD16M. Over 150M .com names have been registered, increasing at about 5% p.a. and the low cost of name renewal means that relatively few are allowed to lapse. The .uk registry is at around 10M names and growing by about 10% p.a.
For UK based organisations preference for remains strong with over 80% of those surveyed saying they prefer .uk sites when presented with a choice of a .uk or .com in search results. The main reasons given were that it would be more likely to be a UK based company and have more relevance with prices in sterling and acceptable delivery charges.
Viewed simply as an investment property, the increase in valuations for premium domain names has far exceeded growth in any other investment category such as art, fine wines, antiques, precious metals or stock-market investments.

Having key words relevant to the content of a web site in the domain name is widely believed to confer significant advantage in search engine results.
Pairs of names: and .com variants block competitors from obtaining a closely similar name and leeching off some of your traffic. In addition whereas is attractive to UK customers .com is preferred for trading internationally. The pair is the ideal for a UK company.
Hyphenated variants serve the same purpose but in addition avoid confusion and may provide better key word information to search engines (classic domain name errors include,, and which could be split/interpreted in a very different way were the hyphen omitted).
On printed materials some people prefer to use camel-case to highlight the individual words in a domain name e.g. - this is a perfectly acceptable and helpful practise, the effect is identical to
Alternatively variants of the name ( or with/without hyphens) could be host to a separate web site.

The potential value of a domain name depends on your assessment of the benefit you will derive from it and so we make no attempt at putting our own valuation on names, however we do believe that all those we hold do have commercial potential. If there is a name you are interested in, make an appropriate offer. Speculative enquiries and unrealistic offers will be disregarded. We continue to receive naïve enquiries for high value properties offering a few tens of pounds for a name worth thousands. Don't waste your time, we won't waste ours by responding.

The highest reported price paid for a .CO.UK domain name stands at £560,000. That was for a short single word name, for longer and less sought after names prices start in the hundreds.

* We regard the highest value name of those available here is for which the price expectation is very substantial, we have received offers of many tens of thousands of pounds. A list of interested parties is being collected and they may be invited to make an offer should the owner decide he no longer wishes to await a more substantial offer. If you would like to be included please send a request including your postal address. If you wish to make an offer in advance of the planned invitation to bid then a six figure sum may be sufficient incentive to abandon the idea of an auction process.

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