Laser technik Internet division

You may be thinking this site looks a bit "old-school", not even responsive (mobile-phone friendly). You're right and we've been building a "modern" version whenever we get a bit of time but our priority is with serving our clients and that's keeping us busy.

We primarily offer internet support and maintenance services. There is no need for you to be an existing client. We are more than happy to work with other service providers.
If you have an internet problem there can be several parties involved in the "full picture" of your service. The risk is that each of those parties may suggest that the problem lies with another of the suppliers. Coming from an IT/programming background working for a "household name" global banking corporation with a focus on Internet since the early 1990s we aim to understand any problem in its entirety. If we can't fix a problem ourselves we will provide an authoritative diagnosis and advise on the best way forward.
Our services include:

Invoice queries

If you've received an invoice from LaserTechnik but aren't clear why it may be because we no longer host your web site but do still manage your domain name. It's good practise to keep the domain name separate from web design or web hosting.
One reason for that is that should there be a problem with hosting or the designer resulting in your site disappearing the domain name can easily be configured to reroute such that you don't lose web and email traffic.
In addition we are experts in domain name management, we will configure them correctly and names under our management are set to auto-renew with multiple payment methods. We handle the alerts regarding problems with the name.
Learn about bare UK domain names - that's a version of your web address without the .co, we own but don't use for reasons that document explains
Should I get a security certificate for my web site? - prevent web browsers scaring your users away with a "NOT SECURE" alert and get better listing in Google search results. That document explains why the cost is not an obstacle.
Should I avoid web sites not showing the locked padlock icon?
We ran a full service web site development agency for 20 years. We have now scaled down but still offer access to that resource of skills and expertise.

We can be contacted as below:

Users of our bulk email system can log in here.

Laser cutting division

Laser Technik offers services for design and production of laser-cut items.
We have the design skills and software to turn your concept into a prototype and then produce it. We can then go on to help your marketing efforts by developing a website and helping with, for example, selling on eBay.

We can cut: We can surface engrave/etch/mark but not cut: At present we cannot cut metal.
Some examples and prototypes
Modular wargaming scenery
Our Facebook page has more product images

Laser Scapes designs, manufactures and sells laser cut war games terrain.

Laser Technik Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales. Registered number: 09117428. Tel: 0114 299 8285 [permanent answerphone, will alert us by SMS]