Laser Technik Ltd

Providing Internet services for over a quarter of a century. 

Your business is important to us: How many times have you heard that recorded message when you’ve phoned a “customer service help desk”? And how long have you been left in that cell queue “on hold”? And how often is the issue resolved in a helpful, effective and timely manner?
When you hear that you just know you’re in for a long wait on-hold before speaking to someone only capable of addressing the simplest of problems.

Your business IS important to you and it IS important to us.  Let’s talk about what is important to you, we will do our best to deliver. 

How often are you told “We’ll call you back”.  By now you’ll know that means “your question is too difficult” and you’ll wait in vain for that call.  We will always get back to you as soon as practicable.  If there’s something we can’t help with we’ll tell you and will aim to suggest how you might find some help or a resolution.

We’ve got a great track record: Our technical leader has been working on internet technologies since 1990, before web-sites existed. We still undertake work for clients dating back to the early 1990s when we first started creating commercial web sites.


Web sites

Well over 1000 completed website projects of all sizes from individuals, micro-businesses, SMEs and charities to HMRC and global banks.

Hosting & email

We aim for 99.99% service availability, and speedily loading web sites while maintaining competitive costs.


Expert prompt and inexpensive maintenance and support.  No task is too small and every task is as important to us as it is to you.


The competitive price we quote is the price you pay. We aim for a “no surprises” deal (as long as your requirements remain unchanged).

MS Office

Not everyone finds Microsoft Office products as “easy to use” as advertised. Let an IT professional build your document or spreadsheet.

 We are who you need…

  • If you need a small website in days or weeks rather than months.
  • If you or you are having difficulties making changes to what was sold as an “easy to update” web site, we can usually help, promptly and inexpensively
  • If your web designer is slow to make a change, proposes a surprisingly high cost, is difficult or impossible to contact, give us a call.
  • If you’ve been told “it can’t be done” we have a long track record of solving even those technical problems nobody else has been able to resolve.
  • If you think the annual renewal costs are excessive after 25 years we continue to provide high performance website hosting with better than 99.99% availabilty at highly competitive rates.
  • If you are afraid of moving web-host because of the complexity of the task or the risk of downtime we can usually handle it.
  • If you’re fed up with trying to deal with minimum-wage unskilled help desk staff, perhaps off-shore in a low-wage country and with challenging accents or a poor grasp of English.
  • If you don’t like waiting for ages in call queueing systems with annoying “music on hold”, interrupted with messages saying “Your call is important to us”.
  • If you are unsure of what you are being told by someone else we can provide an authoritative opinion for a small fee.  My advice may prevent you paying someone else for something you don’t need either because they don’t really understand or because they are taking advantage of your limited understanding.

To us support is a priority not an expense to be minimised. When we say “we’ll call you back” we mean it. We don’t pass you to “an expert” who then asks all the same questions: tell us once. We don’t have “first line support”, your response will be from an expert.

You’ve got a brilliant idea, just need a web site to promote it:

You have a genius idea today, don’t delay, we can get a micro-web site online affordably, often within hours.

You’ve got a web site but there’s a problem…

Contact us, we specialise in fast affordable problem solving.  It doesn’t matter who created the site, unlike some others we won’t propose that you “throw it away and start again”.  If all you need is a “sticking plaster” or a helping hand with a DIY website drop us an email at loading... .

Need impartial advice?

There is no meaningful “qualification” for website design, anyone with some basic knowledge can call themselves a “web designer”.
As someone wanting web services you are spoilt for choice and there’s no way of telling if your choice is a sound one – until things go wrong.  How do you tell who to trust?   What reassurance can Laser Technik give?  30 years experience as internet technician at a major global bank since the early 1990s and concurrently for a much of that time as the technical director and later sole proprietor at the predecessor company to Laser Technik, one of the first Web Design companies in UK.

Small programming tasks

Typically writing or customising program code to handle a specific need, for example a custom calculation or adding features to an embedded Google map or whatever else you’d like to see.

Larger tasks

We specialise in the smaller  “quick fix” tasks for clients who need responsive support and urgent attention.  We are selective about taking on larger pieces of work.  If your task falls within our core skill-set without compromising  our ability to respond promptly, then we will undertake larger tasks. Please feel welcome to give us a call, we can at least discuss and advise.

Need a bit of help with a DIY website?

You can’t have missed the adverts for packaged self-build website services like Wix, Squarespace, Shopify. Maybe you’ve fallen for the hype and the loss-leader initial price and found it’s not as simple as you thought.
Now you’ve hit a problem: it’s harder than you thought; you want a feature that’s not available in the package; there’s a technical issue you don’t understand;  the instructions are hard to understand or too complicated.

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