Laser Technik Ltd

Providing Internet services for over a quarter of a century. 

Web sites

Over 1000 completed website projects of all sizes from individuals, micro-businesses, SMEs and charities to HMRC and an international bank.

Hosting & email

We aim for 99.99% service availability, and speedily loading web sites while maintaining competitive costs.

Maintenance and support

Expert prompt and inexpensive.  No task is too small and every task is as important to us as it is to you.

Your business is important to us“: How many times have you heard that recorded message when you’ve phoned a “customer service help desk”?

When you hear that you just know you’re in for a long wait on-hold before speaking to someone only capable of addressing the simplest of problems.

Your business IS important to you and it IS important to us.  Let’s talk about what is important to you, we will do our best to deliver.

You’ve got a brilliant idea, just need a web site to promote it:

Don’t miss our special “get you started” offer, you have a genius idea today, don’t delay, we’ll get a micro-web site online within hours.

You’ve got a web site but there’s a problem…

Contact us, we specialise in fast affordable problem solving.  It doesn’t matter who created the site and we won’t propose that you “throw it away and start again”.  If all you need is a “sticking plaster” or a helping hand with a DIY website drop us an email at loading... .

Small programming tasks

Typically writing or customising javascript, PHP or CSS to handle a specific need, for example a custom calculation or adding features to an embedded Google map or whatever else you’d like to see.