Laser Technik change requests

Current customers should request changes by email. No charge is made for occasional minor changes such as changing a DNS record or a postal address. Larger or frequent changes will attract a charge at a pre-confirmed cost estimate. Although most change requests are implemented same day or next day we ask for 2 weeks notice of changes and may seek payment for urgent tasks.

There is a charge for transferring domains out of our control and for providing backup copies of a website and/or database. Please see the Tariff pagefor more detail.

I am alarmed by calls I get from people claiming to be working for mutual clients and asking for various changes or for password access to the systems.
There are two issues here.

Those individuals and organisations, which have the nerve to fashion themselves as "IT Professionals", sometimes tell our mutual client that the best solution is to transfer management of your domain name services to themselves. I have no problem with that except that I have seen the consequences and you most certainly should think very carefully. You are "putting all your eggs in one basket", when they screw up you have nowhere else to turn, when they give you their advice, is that advice in your best interests or theirs? Remember these are the guys who have demonstrated a poor grasp of the most basic of security procedures or of project management.
We have looked after the best interests of many of our clients for over 10 years, in some cases 20. We have never overcharged for a trivial task, leaked passwords, failed to deliver on time to specification and on budget.

I have concluded that the reason these guys ask for FTP and control panel passwords or for transfer of the domain name is simply because they don't really understand how everything hangs together and think that if they have access to everything they might be able to work it out.

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