War gaming scenery

We have our own range of laser-cut and etched products including specialist war-gaming scenery. This can be seen on our dedicated web site.
The scenery is delivered as a modular slot-together construction kit.

Does this scenery work with other commercial war gaming supplies?
Yes it is designed specifically with that in mind and has several advantages over alternatives:

What's in a kit?
The kits contain everything necessary to make a specific building except a craft-knife (or file/sandpaper) and PVA glue. The electric lighting is best soldered together but that's not essential.
Sub-assemblies are provided as a single module, the individual parts snap out of that module for assembly. That makes it easy to identify all the components and small individual parts are less likely to get mislaid.

How easy is it to build a model?

Can I buy completed models?
Part of the attraction of the war-gaming hobby is the process of construction and modification/personalisation and so we do not normally sell completed models. On occasion we do offer demonstration prototype buildings for sale but kits are cheaper, easier to ship, offer greater scope for personalisation. Please enquire.

Can I buy individual sub assemblies?
Yes but it's more cost effective to buy complete sets. Additional sub assemblies bought at the same time as a complete set come at a discount.

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