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Current issues

In no issues are identified below but you have a problem, please contact us ASAP in order that we can start to address your issue and check that it is isolated to you (and if not, post an update below).

Jan 2018 Intel chip bug. You may have seen the news coverage of a recently uncovered long-standing bug in Intel chip designs. The circumstances in which this can be exploited are very involved and no actual exploits have been identified "in the wild". A similar design technique has been used in other manufacturers processor chips. All computer systems dating back several years need a software patch. In some situations this will lead to a slight reduction in performance. The fix has been applied to the servers we use.

Jan 2018 Symantec Security Certificates. Security certificates are part of the arrangement that shows a green padlock on your web site. That is becoming more important. Certificates used to cost from £50 a year depending on the level of validation they provide, a "free" version is now available (there are implementation costs). Symantec were a certificate provider but Google (and others) have announced that because of inadequate processes they no longer trust those certificates. If you are using Symantec, GeoTrust, Thawte and RapidSSL change now. In March Google will start issueing "insecure site" alerts to your web site visitors.

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