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Why should I buy my domain name from Laser Technik?

Well it’s no big deal but our charges are less than those of what claims to be the UKs biggest registrar (123reg) and we deliver more.  For a name they charge £11.99 plus £11.99 a year for “domain ownership protection” and then add VAT getting you to over £28 p.a.  They claim to be cheapest but I guess that’s because they offer the first year at a VAT inclusive price of £8.38.  And then they will try to sell you other add-ons like a mailbox.  That could make it harder to move away and why pay when you can get a better mailbox service free, from Google or Microsoft?  And then there’s their “easy to use” build your own web site tool and web hosting proposals starting at about £100 p.a. but look out for the “for the first year” clause and note that they include their branding on your web site unless you pay extra.

So in comparison

  • We include domain name ownership protection
  • We don’t add our branding to your web page
  • We use the best web building package, not a proprietary system (and we have a library of thousands of design templates and licensed top quality photos)
  • It’s not a DIY task, we build your site for you.
  • We handle all the technical configuration issues for you (many others give you a complicated control panel and scant instructions)
  • We charge £17 p.a. for domain name, ownership protection, configuration and automatically renew your name annually.  We also handle any technical questions arising in respect of the name and trash the spam that name registrants often attract.
  • Our starter web building and hosting package includes the domain name and a professionally created one page site.  Others offering “built it yourself” systems probably allow you to build additional pages, we will build those for you at £50 per simple A4 equivalent page (as a one-off charge)  and can offer additional bespoke features at a cost dependent on complexity.
  • All our sites are mobile-phone-friendly.

Domain names can be bought cheaper elsewhere like LCN (Low Cost Names) but they too are keen to up-sell and it’s up to you to attend to some of the technical aspects.