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Bare .uk domain names

Why have I been directed to this page?

This is a holding page for bare .uk domain name versions of many domain names.  A domain name is used as the address for a web site as in* and for email addresses as in

What is a bare .uk domain name?

Bare .uk names were released in 2013, prior to that most UK domain names ended (or a few others like,
The intention was to increase the number of names available.  In practise anyone with a name would be at risk of a scammer or competitor buying the variant and using it to their detriment.
The result was that most owners of a chose to buy the corresponding “bare .uk” variant to protect their interests. Most have chosen not to use the variant because doing so has no benefit and may cause confusion.

I got here by accident, how do I get to the “correct” site?

You may have entered a name in the format, you simply need to insert the .co element, the correct address would be

Are bare .uk names any use?

The stated aim of increasing the number of names available was achieved but for the most part it simply meant owners of names now have to buy the variant to protect themselves.
Some chose not to, in that case a third party can buy the bare variant and use it but they risk legal challenge from the owner of the variant, especially if the variant offers similar products or services, even if not then there’s scope for confusion. The only scenario where I’d buy a bare .uk name is to get a very short name, (almost?) all 3 character names  are already taken (e.g. whether the 0 there is a zero or the letter o).

Why do the owners bare .uk names have them redirected here rather than to their site?

If the bare .uk name becomes a known route to the site then it precludes the possibility of dropping the bare .uk name in future (for a small annual cost saving) as visitors might be sent to a different web site or get a “not found error”.

In some instances owners do choose to route a bare .uk name to their web site, for example use as a shorter variant to include on printed material so it’s easier to type.

The name you entered may be available for purchase from the owner who usually owns the variant too.  You can enquire through their website or we can pass an enquiry on to the name owner (use our contact page).

* or ?

When you enter a web address it is rarely necessary to include the https://www. prefix or the trailing /
There are variants like http:// (missing the “s“) and in the latter case shop. is necessary either no prefix or www. prefix will send you to a different web site which may or may not have links to the shop. version

Web addresses are partly case sensitive. Using the example, https and bareuk are case sensitive, https must be lower case; bareuk must be exactly as shown, that’s to say if you entered it as  Bareuk you’d get some kind of error message. If the web address you’d been given was then you must type the suffix as bareUK.

As a general rule an address like routes you to a folder not a specific web page. If there is a web page in that folder called index.html (or one of a small number of possible alternatives) that page will be shown. If there is no default web page you may see a list of file names but more often you’ll get a “not found” error.

You may see links that specify the web page like everything after .uk/ is case sensitive.  A page address may also include parameters like this