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DIY web site builders 

Lou asked: aren’t you worried about competition from cheap DIY web site builders like WIX? No, that’s like asking Toyota if they’re worried about competition from the bicycle.

Of course they’re marketed as “easy to use” – and they may be to an extent. The questions you should ask yourself are:

  • Do you have the design skills?
  • Do you have the copy-writing skills?
  • Do you understand the marketing issues? It’s not just about what you need to say about your products and services but how you say and present it.
  • Are you up to speed on legal issues affecting web sites?
  • Are your IT skills adequate to the task?
  • Does the product deliver everything you need, what compromises does it force on you?
  • And once committed to that product, perhaps having spent many days creating your content, if there’s a problem can you shift the web site elsewhere or are locked into their proprietary system?
  • It may be easy, you may have all the skills and knowledge to do a good job but do you have the time? You have a business to run, isn’t that where your focus should be rather than spending days or weeks doing something else?
  • What hidden extras might there be? Some are “loss leaders”, the aim being to sell add-on features and services .
  • In short, do you have the experience, time and knowledge to do a job as good as an organisation that’s been doing this kind of job for perhaps a couple of decades?
  • With Wix (and some similar offerings) you are on your own in respect of many of the issues an experienced professional will handle for you.
  • One of the attractions is a perception that you will be able to make updates yourself and at no cost. In reality that depends on your IT competence, your willingness to spend the time to learn how the system works and your time to make the updates. Our alternative is the widely acclaimed WordPress with the ability for DIY updates but backed by the alternative of emailing the changes to us.  For a small fee we aim to make the change within two working days (and often same day).
  • To be fair I have seen some excellent WIX sites, however on examination these have been produced by professional designers somewhat negating the DIY concept.
  • They are “walled gardens”, you risk being locked into a proprietary system with restricted scope for customisation or control over future costs.
  • They may include advertising on your web site, probably for their own system but possibly also including third party adverts.
  • The claims of “easy to use” are at best subjective, I’ve been asked to help when users have found they are out of their depth or to move web sites to alternative, more versatile technology.
  • Poor grammar, spelling and similar problems can give a bad impression.   A good web designer will view and interpret your content in a different way and should spot the majority of those issues.  At the same time he will be looking at the content from other perspectives: readability, intelligibility, marketing value and search engine (google) “friendliness”.
  • What are your options if you want a particular feature you’ve seen elsewhere? If WIX doesn’t offer that feature: none.  If that answer is not acceptable the alternative is to have the site rebuilt elsewhere.