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Internet Q&A

This page is intended for clients of Laser Technik and can only be found if you have the correct address.

When I get a question about some aspect of the internet, not only do I respond but I also write a file-note which often goes into more detail for future reference.  Those notes and sometimes a little too detailed for a non-technical reader but they are available if appropriate.  Here I aim to have shorter versions of some with the key/core content.

Some of the content will be out of date, internet technology moves fast! It’s always worth checking with us if you’re unsure.

Artificial intelligence

A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.You may think AI (Artificial Intelligence) is just for the technical experts. Wrong. Give it a try free at First a warning: the information is...

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Email scams

Scam emails used to be pretty obviously dodgy. The scammers have got smarter.  Nigerian princes no longer wish to share their inheritance, nobody wants to sell us viagra, fake watches or sign us up to an online casino. We can no longer discard emails simply because an...

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Why should I care about Email security

Many people believe that it wouldn’t matter if their email account was hacked – it’s only full of trivia, what use is it to anyone that my aunt has sent me birthday greetings? Well now the hacker knows your birthday, and if she’s said something like “Happy 40th”...

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Two factor authentication and passkeys

What is it and why should you care? Two factor authentication is just one of a few phrases that mean essentially the same thing, commonly abbreviated to 2FA or similar.  MFA, multi factor authentication, is closely similar but allows for the possibility of more than 2...

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What PC should I buy?

There’s “no one-size fits all” answer, prices range from the low hundreds to over £10k. It depends what you need to do, for example high-performance graphics cards can cost well over £1000 but are only needed for tasks like professional video/image editing and some...

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WEEE compliance

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling These regulations were brought in in 2014. At the time there was significant focus on compliance but with the passing of time there's a risk that awareness will have declined.  The HSE (Health & Safety Executive)...

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What is a secure (SSL) certificate?

What is a secure certificate (aka SSL) and why is it necessary? Your web hosting provider may be keen to sell you a certificate perhaps at an annual cost of £50. You do need one but most small and medium businesses don't need a commercial one, the free alternative is...

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Our web-hosting service

We offer fully managed web hosting with a view to hit the middle ground, avoiding the inexpensive but slow and poorly supported while not grossly over-specifying and driving the cost up needlessly.  Our aim is to keep resource usage under 50%, when it exceeds that we...

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Domain name renewals

Our aim is to offer a better deal than the best known domain name registrar in UK, 123REG. 123REG is a subsidiary of US based GoDaddy, we prefer to keep the fees you pay on this side of the Atlantic! Note that any prices quoted here are subject to change.We aim to be...

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Dealing with Email problems

Email non-deliveryThe internet email system dates back several decades and was never designed for the way it’s now used.  From todays’ perspective, it is deeply flawed but with 2-3 billion users and over 300 billion emails a day, it’s too widely used to change much or...

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