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Starter web site content

Your single page starter web site should include up to around 500 words and one or two images, if you have a small logo (square) that’s useful too.

We will work on your text to present it is what we consider the best way for a web page.  Most web sites can be thought of as “marketing”, you may not have anything to sell but you want to attract interest and that’s what marketing is intended to achieve.

There is subject matter we will not handle, basically anything that might be deemed offensive or illegal.

The setup is such that once created it should not be difficult to expand the content to add more pages and more features. To do that simply email us your requirements (there is a cost, that depends on the complexity of your needs and it will be affordable). Expanding the site will incur a one-off charge and will not normally affect the £150 annual charge. 

Should you choose at some future date to move the site out of our control there is a small admin fee for which we will bundle up all the necessary files and the database into a single zip file and send that to you.  There is no refund for any time left on your £150 annual fee as we will have paid in advance for the necessary services and resources.