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Starter web site offer

There are numerous “easy to use” website creation tools available.  “Easy to use” is a matter of opinion and there are loads of compromises.  What could be easier than this?

Email us some text and images and leave the rest to us.  If you wish you can indicate a preferred web address (domain name) and any preferences such as colour schemes, typefaces, layout.

This is what we will do:

  1. create a single page web site
  2. secure a web address for you (like
  3. set up a mail address like (this will be a mail forwarder, mail to that address will be forwarded to your current email address)
  4. we use the world’s most widely used website creation program, WordPress, used by nearly 40% of all web sites
  5. Our commercial license allows us to use the most powerful and extensively used commercial WordPress Theme for your site (WordPress comes with some free themes but most people choose one of the tens of thousands of commercial themes at a typical cost of £50+. Choosing a theme is a long and difficult process. We have a multi-site license for an extremely versatile theme which can be configured to suit almost any need saving you the cost of a theme. 
  6. We handle all the technical aspects of configuring the addresses and services you need.
  7. The £150 price includes one year’s domain name registration and one year’s premium web hosting
  8. Free security certificate included (often indicated by a small padlock icon, some users will see a security alert if they visit a site without a certificate and those sites are harder to find in Google search)
  9. Site submitted to Google and Bing search. (We can also prevent search engine listing if you want to keep the site private).
  10. The site uses best practises to deliver fast access, caching, a CDN and SSD disks.  Backups are taken daily.
  11. Ongoing support – you have prompt email access to expert support (at a small cost per instance)
  12. We can add more pages or extra features like a location map or contact form, now or in future.

What do we need from you?

This is a package deal intended to get you started using the best practices, the best website creation software, reliable web site hosting, it’s a starting-point that doesn’t lock you in to a proprietary system and provides scope to expand to hundreds of pages and more complex features like ecommerce. Should you later choose to move the site to a different web host or developer we will facilitate that.

Everyone’s requirements are different and they change with time we aim to accommodate that and grow with you (if that’s your choice).

Your organisation’s name

Content words and pictures to tell visitors what the page is about.  Think in terms of what you can reasonably fit on one page of A4 paper, maybe 500 words and a couple of photos. That’s all we need but you might like to provide more input…

Email address: If you don’t already have an account we can create and configure free Gmail account for you.  You’ll probably want to publish an email address on your web site, in that case we can use your existing address or create an address like such that mail to that address will be forwarded to your current email address.

Your Logo – if you have one

Colours: If you have some preferences let us know or you could get some guidance here, otherwise we’ll make a choice for you.

Typeface: There are tens of thousands to choose from, our choice (and advice) is to keep it simple.  Google have some detailed advice here (and all Google fonts are available free in the package we provide).

Domain name: (used for your email and web address) Choosing a domain name is a difficult task.  We advise against anything other than addresses. All single word addresses are long-gone,  we can help find a suitable and available name, register it correctly and handle the technical configuration issues.
If you operate globally .com addresses are preferable but it’s a lot harder to find an available name and is globally recognised too.

Social media links: if you provide the relevant addresses for Facebook, Instagram etc we can add links to those accounts. (It’s possible to embed content from some social media sites in your pages but there’s a cost.)

What does it cost?

The basic package is £150 a year. This is intended as a starting point, if one page isn’t enough we can add more, if you want more pages or extra features like a location map or contact form, no problem just a small extra charge, email us details of what you’d like.