Laser Technik Ltd

Providing Internet services for over a quarter of a century 

Support & Maintenance services

Our expertise is in being able to take a broad view of any internet related issues.  That is based on lengthy experience of working with internet technologies:  email, web sites, hosting, domain names, internet related PC software issues, Web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DNS).


When you need technical support the last thing you want is the frustration of waiting in a call queue only to end up speaking to a script-following minimum wage worker, perhaps with a difficult accent or not even having a good grasp of English. Just as bad is if you get through to an “expert” who can only explain in technical jargon that does nothing to help you. The outcome can be unhelpful and you’ve got nowehere else to go.   Not any more.  When that happens we are available to give an expert second opinion.  That might be a fix or guidance to help obtain a resolution from the responsible organisation.  It is sometimes necessary to undertake the diagnostic work to prove where the fault lies.

It doesn’t matter who created your web site and we won’t propose that you “throw it away and start again”.  If all you need is a “sticking plaster” or a helping hand with a DIY website drop us an email at  loading...

For us support is the top priority, it is as important to us as it is to you.  You can get in touch by email or phone,  We aim to respond same day if at all possible and maybe within minutes.  While not promising 24×365 response we do monitor communications beyond normal office hours.  We are happy to provide support and maintenance services for new clients as well as existing.  We aim to address the issue in hand as quickly as possible, not taking it as an opportunity to pressure you to undertake unnecessary additional changes or redevelopment.

With thousands of different products and services available to create or integrate into web sites nobody can promise to solve every problem, our aim is to at least diagnose the issue, get to the bottom of a problem,  such that you can move forward towards a resolution.


Many web site owners, having commissioned an “easy to update yourself” web site discover that the word “easy” is subjective, only easy for those with some IT skills or perhaps it is easy but you’ve forgotten how!  Every time you need to make a change you have to refer back to your notes to remind you of the process.  What should be a 10 minute task ends up taking an hour.  That’s time and effort you could be expending on using your expertise for the benefit of your business and clients. We can make those updates for you for as little as £20 per instance.